Long Term Conditions

Respiratory (COPD/Asthma) – Laura, Ros, Kylene

Diabetes – Ros, Laura

Coronary Heart Disease / Hypertension –Laura, Ros, Kylene

Cervical Screening/ Contraception– Laura, Kylene, Ros

Baby Immunisations– Kylene, Laura

Travel Vaccinations– (requirement to fill out form prior to appointment) Kylene, Laura, Ros

Vaccinations– Kylene, Laura, Ros

ECG– Karen, Raeesah

Blood Test– Emma, Karen, Raeesah

Blood Pressure Checks– Emma, Karen, Raeesah

24hr Blood Pressure Monitor– Emma, Karen, Raeesah

Children Blood Tests– OVER 12 ONLY- Laura, Kylene, Ros

Dressings– Kylene, Karen

Staples/ Stitches Removal– Laura, Ros, Kylene, Karen

Learning Disabilities– Ros

Over 65 Health Check– Raeesah, Karen

Physical Health Review– Laura, Ros

NHS Health Checks– Raeesah, Karen

Stop Smoking– Karen, Raeesah

New Patient Health Checks– Karen, Raeesah

Weight Management– Karen, Raeesah