Advice from the Doctor or Nurse

There may be occasions and in certain circumstances that you may wish to speak to a Doctor or Nurse for advice. Your reason may be urgent and sometimes non urgent, therefore, we ask that you follow the procedures below.

You can make this request by speaking to one of our receptionists who will assist you in the first instance by taking as much detail from you as possible; this is in order to provide the Doctor or Nurse with information that will help them to help you. If your call is of an urgent nature, we will endeavour to put your call through to the Doctor if they are not currently engaged with a patient; if they are, your details will be taken and the Doctor will call you by return. (You do not have to disclose any information to the receptionists that you do not wish to). All of our practice team are bound by strict rules for maintaining and safeguarding patients confidentiality.

We always have a duty Doctor each day and in the event that they are not available in the surgery, they are always contactable by us; we can then arrange for a time for your request to be fulfilled or pass on the advice given by the Doctor.