New Patients

We happily register new patients. Please ask at reception.  All patients may see the doctor of their choice, not just the one they are registered with. The practice also uses locums so you may be offered an appointment with one of these.

It is advisable to call the surgery to check that you live within the practice catchment area.

Practice Area

How to register:

Please bring your medical card along to the surgery and hand it to reception. If you do not have a card, don’t worry. Provided you are residing within our Practice area and we are accepting new patients, you will be asked to complete a registration form.

Simply fill in Form GMS1 (“Family Doctor Services Registration”) which is available at the reception. (If you wish, you may also choose to fill in an Organ Donor Registration form).

You can download these forms on-line by clicking on the following links. These documents are in PDF format. You may need to download and install a free application called “Adobe Reader” to open these files.

You will be asked to to complete New Patient information sheet  when  registering. This is a standard form  that gives us a chance to get some basic information (family medical history etc) onto our clinical computer system.. These need to be downloaded with Reg form GMS1.

(Additional forms to be downloaded to be included here)